Live Performance at the

Umqua Brewery

The Umqua Brewery is a very long and narrow old brick building with a basement downstairs that houses the brew mister's and the cook's habitat.

Far against the back wall the ground level music stage is under some massive hanging PA speakers. These loudly blast out well above the patron's social, eating, and drinking sounds.

The sound is, at best, lousy most of the time, especially when the PA is cranked up like it was this night. However, the Adam+Kriss folk-rock performance was very above the usual and quite entertaining.

A very close-over-the-stage-front (boom mounted) prototype LiteGUY HRTF Baffle + DSM-6S/M + PA-12A servo preamplifier + TCD-D7 DAT (see photo) recorded this lively performance. The recording done in this manner sounded far better than our close seated listening position allowed.

Please enjoy the high quality of DSM recording AND the humorous but somewhat twisted lyrics of "The Mystery Trend" Recorded Live August 8, 1998 Roseburg, Oregon

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DOWNLOAD "The Mystery Trend" . . . akmtrain.mp3 . . . 128Kbps . . . 5.1 MEG . . . 5:16 MIN


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