Big Band MEGA Blues. . . "Compared to You"

Original Composition by Steve Weiss, Vocals/Trombone

(15.1 Meg ......... 192Kbps Sampled Hi-Quality Stereo MPEG-1 Layer 3......... 10:28)

Recorded in rustic Door County (1986, Wisconsin, USA) at the last of the series concert of the Summer Jazz Workshop Group.  This group of 40+  players was comprised of well known professional musicians/composers and students...... ages 12-19 who attended the two week jazz workshop.

The concert event was held in a converted 2 1/2 story single wall barn complete with raised stage, general seating, and outstanding ambient acoustics.

Steve Weiss, the composer/vocalist/solo trombone, is joined by Ron Carter (playing 'an electric wind instrument') in a spectacular presentation of this 'should be a classic' blues arrangement.

Recording Equipment:

DOWNLOAD (15.1 MEG) Big Band MEGA Blues "Compared to You" . . . 10:28 MIN


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