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PATTERN:  DSM Microphones use two non-directional omni type pickups to record true natural ambient type stereo (as normally heard live) by operating within a specified (patented 4.819.270) place on the sides of a real person or acoustically accurate 'dummy' head like the GUY or LiteGUY HRTF baffle accessories. 

This is a very natural stereo recording method of 3-Dimensional 'psycho-acoustic' pressure-zone mic (PZM type) recording, (this is the 'skin-proximity' acoustic sound which surrounds our own head) and allows the recording of true sound-source directional cues created by the head's acoustic pressure signature (a.k.a., 'Head Related Transfer Function' or HRTF) and later interpreted by our ear-brain perception process as true full-ambient 'surround sound' stereo.

In more conventional terms, the pattern received is that of two high quality very precision matched 'spaced omni' mics positioned in a specific area on the sides of a real person's head.... or.... specialized 'acoustic head' baffle.  Therefore, the reception pattern is directly related to the overall quality of the microphones to pickup the HRTF effects....the creation of acoustic psycho-acoustical spatial cues..... of the 'head' baffle.


DSM Microphones utilize a unique & proprietary modification formula of selected OEM available back-electret omni condenser pickup elements.

This special 'know-how' produces microphones with true omni-directional pressure response, outstanding extended & smooth frequency performance, industry's lowest mechanical handling noise, and very precision....stabilized gain & phase channel matching for the most accurate 3-D Stereo imaging of any stereo microphone.


Precision channel match means the stereo imaging and 3-D surround-sound recording ability is of highest fidelity and lowest distortion.

The exceptional Left/Right channel matching specification of each DSM stereo mic has no equivalent in the industry. While matched mic sets are available from only a few other manufacturers, their guaranteed match specifications are at least 10 times less precision. No other mic manufacturer guarantees a true precision match over a wide frequency range, instead offer only a relatively low precision specification at only the 1000 cycle frequency. DSM microphones are tested for precision match over a 20-20,000 cycle frequency range.

DSM Headworn/HRTF Stereo Microphone Features


MATERIALS: Hand crafted pickups are an all-in-one-piece 'unitized' molded assembly that's exceptional in being highly damped (no ringing sounds) by an advanced polymer/metal engineered composite that also makes for detailed resolution of complex sounds.

DSM's molded smooth shape and unbroken surface virtually eliminates diffraction distortion... ....common with conventional machined metal mic housing construction with abrupt shapes.  The molded pickups are light weight (0.18 Oz) and proven very reliable for rugged field work.

MICROPHONE WIRING: DSM-1S/6S/13 models are wired with 5 1/2 foot lengths of custom super flexible "star quad" configured microphone cable. 

This special  DSM mic cable has extraordinary shielding properties and allows DSM's full low noise immunity functioning even when close to very strong electrical noise sources like the interior of engine compartments of racing vehicles with 60,000+ volt ignition systems (actual Canadian customer use report!) where conventionally wired mics are typically rendered useless.  


Standard DSM models are molded right angle 3.5 mm stereo plug terminated (unbalanced) for minideck inputs and standard PA mic powering/bass filter adapter models, or external PA-3SX and PA-24NJ preamplifier models.

Professional DSM models are upgraded with either single Switchcraft mini-XLR-3M (unbalanced; +$50 USD), dual mini-XLR-3M (unbalanced; +$100 USD), or dual mini-XLR-5M (true balanced: +$150 USD)

Eyeglasses Stereo Micrphone MountingDSM ambient mics need HRTF or person-headworn baffling to function as a surround sound virtual audio recording mic. Place pickups as shown using eyeglasses, headband, hat, or HRTF (LiteGUY) baffle accessory.

 Suggested use  .......Best Way.....Fasten each pickup just forward of the ears with the adjustable loop on glasses frames..... DSM Mic loops & cord are a full-functioning eyeglasses holding cord...glasses can be securely hung by the mic cord at chest level when not recording ... ... or ...... (better for outside ambient winds).... ....use  the DSM-WHB (Windscreen Headband accessory shown below),  hat, or other suitable headgear attachment that still allows having the head (HRTF baffling) between the two pickups.

Also See LiteGUY . VideoGUY HRTF Baffle and Choosing a DSM mic model

HRTF Stereo Microphone Mounting Methods


Professional and Amateur DSM customers have expressed a need to suppress wind-blast effects while recording outdoors and still keep the advantages of the DSM's stealthy profile and full frequency fidelity. WHB/N allows full mobility without resorting to large wind-blocking mechanisms (like an umbrella) to provide the necessary air-quiet zone surrounding head or HRTF LiteGUY Baffle mounted DSM microphones.

Complete with 'Hard' Molded Travel Case*

*Click on the photo for more details


Very comfortable and discreet accessory for 'person' mounting DSM stereo mic. Securely stays in position even during extreme movement or athletic activity. SS-HB allows comfortable eyegear, hat or safety helmet wearing. Great for easy recording of natural ambient sounds, interview, music performance, seminars, competition athelitic and exercise programs. Record virtual surround sound just about anywhere, except in windy conditions outdoors where use of a wind blocking umbrella is strongly suggested.


The WHB and DSM stereo microphone are now ALWAYS pre-assembled as a one-piece system when ordering an appropriate DSM mic model as shown in the Model Chart below.

Any DSM model microphone may be ordered permanently mounted inside the WHB. Factory-assembly poly-weld stabilizes the critical pickup alignment, and the uses 6 nylon ties (1 internal, 2 external per side). This ready-to-use configuration results in an extra stable mic mount and field-ready robustness. You'll always ready to record indoor/outdoor ambient 3-D surround stereo sound in any and all remote locations.

Order your choice of DSM mic model + WHB/N mic system for general purpose indoors/outdoors interview, documentary, and samples/EFX sound recording.

NOTE: Product cosmetic appearance subject to change without notice

WARRANTY: 2 Year Limited Warranty with full replacement or repair


Most natural seamless 360 surround imaging of live environment ambient sound

There is no better stereo recording mic at any price!

DSM-1S & DSM-6S are small, rugged, and very quiet when handled or used while in motion.

No other tiny microphone has this degree of noise-free handling ability!

Click on Photo for LiteGUY HRTF Baffle Page.

Introduction to the DSM Model Chart

At present, there are (3)three models of DSM microphones.

DSM-1S/High and DSM-6S/(with 5 /ExtraHigh & /High, /Medium, and /Low & /ExtraLow sensitivity ratings)

While DSM-1S is more specialized for low level sounds, DSM-6S are the more general purpose models suited to a wide variety of applications as suggested in the chart.

DSM-6S (Standard) models are very precision channel matched to be within 1/4 dB at 1000 cycles AND within 2 dB match over the entire 10-20,000 cycle range.

DSM-1S (Standard) are within .5 dB at 1000 cycles AND in the 20-20,000 cycle range, within <3 dB channel match.

Sonic Studios Standard grade precision matched omni capsules have the best imaging and lowest (stereo) sound distortion. This is clearly audible with recording demanding high quality sources and with careful listener attention.

Also available at lower cost (in limited quantities) are DSM-1 and DSM-6 (sub-standard) models with less precision left/right channel match specifications. The DSM-1/6 match is specified within 1 dB @ 1000 cycles ONLY; NO wideband 10-20,000 cycle match specification.

DSM-1/6 are still excellent performing microphones and will not be audibly different "in general", when side-by-side listener compared with the very best Signature models under most common conditions of recorded source, playback system, and listener awareness.

The DSM-13 is a special instrumentation model that is most suited to laboratory acoustic measurement purpose and for extremely loud 135-155 db SPL ambient/EFX recording purpose.

2014 DSM™ MIC MODELS & PRICES Prices listed for mics with standard 3.5 mm stereooutput plug; add $65 USD for Pro miniXLR-3M plug
DSM-x Primary Model Type
GAIN Rating (Sub-Model)

USD Price $

Left/Right Match Precision
FREQ Bandwidth Response
94 DB SPL Sensitivity
S/N DB 1uBar

DSM-1S /x High Gain & Output, Lowest Noise


<.5 dB @1000 Cycles and ± 1.5 db 20-20,000 Cycles
Nature Studies / Rural-Urban Environment / EFX / Foley / Linguistics / Interview / Bionic Ear
18 - 25,000 Cycles
-45 dbv
106±2 Decibels
>65 DB

PORTABLE Plug-in-Power Deck Powering: Sharp MiniDisc .. , Sony PCM-M10/D50 Flash Deck.

OR USE: PA-6 / PA-6LC / PA-6LC2 / PA-6LC3B / PA-10PFC

<26 dBv Noise
DSM-1/x -$100 Reduction (/H only -$50) =1dB 1KHz Reduced L/Right Match Precision; Limited Stock


/x Most Versatile Multipurpose Mic Models

/EH ExtraHigh
<.25 dB @ 1KHz and ±1 dB Full (Frequency) Bandwidth Match
Acoustic Instr. / Environment / EFX / Foley / ENG Interview
5 - 25,000 Cycles
>61 DB

PORTABLE Plug-in-Power Deck Powering: Sharp MiniDisc .. , Sony PCM-M10/D50 Flash Deck

OR USE: PA-6 / PA-6LC / PA-6LC2 / PA-6LC3B / PA-10PFC

SUGGESTIONS: Choose DSM /GAIN mic model for your main interest for recording the loudest subjects expected. Proper /GAIN selection allows for adequate recording deck + microphone input headroom without risk of overload distortions.




Acoustic Group-Orchestra / Ambient / EFX / Interview
Orchestra / Loud PA'd Music / Industrial Ambient / EFX
Bass Heavy Very Loud PA' d Pop & Rock Music / EFX / Environm.
/EL Extra Low
Near to PA MEGA Loud Bassy Metal Rock Music / EFX/Environm
DSM-6/x -$100 Reduced Cost (/EH only -$50) =1dB 1KHz Reduced CH. Match Precision; Limited Stock
<.3 dB
LAB Instrumentation / Extrem SPL / EFX /Environm.
28 - 20,000
>62 DB
PA-13/PFC Powering Adapter Included

  The DSM-1S/H model is considered the go-to 'Nature' recording model.  
  Has the highest sensitivity (gain) and best Signal-to-Noise ratio (S/N). Shortcoming is limited loud sounds handling without overload.  
  Expect deck/mic 105-110 DB SPL acoustic input overload limit . The DSM-1S/H is best suited to record quiet nature, spoken word, and general rural/urban ambient sounds. When available, request DSM-1S/H highest DSM mic sensitivity/lowest mic self-noise available.  


The DSM-6S/L is the most versatile model available at this time

When the DSM-6S/L is mated to a Sony PCM-M10 deck, this is proved to fully satisfy the widest range of low level environmental to very loud industrial & musical recording requirements.

With a bit of help from practiced post editing hiss-reduction software features
The video above demonstrates even a very low level sounds recording requirement might successfully use the DSM-6S/L instead of the usual (not available as of 2014) DSM-1S/H.  


Why so many DSM Sensitivity Models?

(NOTE: NOT so relative in 2014 with the advent of Sony PCM-M10 recorder features and audio post Noise-Reduction software editors.

Even a very low sensitivity mic capsule can surprise for satisfying low level/noise ambient or environmental requirements; see above demo video)

It's important to match the Sensitivity rating of the microphone to the loudest sources commonly recorded.

In this way the deck's mic input is not exceeded. Usually, with the correct microphone model sensitivity selected, the deck never sees more mic signal than it has "headroom" to gracefully handle without clip distorting. The mic also never sees more acoustic signal than it's capable of accepting without running out of output level ability. With proper recording requirement/mic sensitivity consideration, a DSM model will never overload the deck's microphone inputs when recording your most important subjects. (In any case,it may be good to know that extremely loud sounds will not damage any DSM mic model)

It's also important to select a high enough DSM Sensitivity model so the low-to-average loudness sounds expected are sufficiently above the deck's mic preamplifier self-noise floor. Careful DSM Model Sensitivity selection makes it more likely for satisfactory no-audible-hiss recordings of the most important subjects.

If your recording interest are very broad with requiring recording of very low level "nature" type sounds to very loud Urban ambient, EFX, or music sounds, the selection of two (or more) DSM models is a practical and most affordable solution.

For those who look for the 'All-in-One' do-it-all microphone solution of least compromised quality, perhaps best to pick the mic model that mostly handles the loudest material expected.

The need for owning more than one DSM mic model may best be understood with the analogy of needing different lenses for doing quality photography of varying subjects and ambient conditions. Unfortunately, there is no "Zoom stereo microphone" available as yet that allows the mic sensitivity to be adjusted sufficiently for capturing all the sound subjects in the world with equal quality.

Also Read FAQ section "Choosing a DSM Model"

PA-3SX Portable Preamplifier from $510.00 USD

  • Low cost
  • Hi-build quality
  • Smallest pager size
  • Low noise, low-high gain
  • 800+ hours on (2)L91 AA cells
  • 7-to-55,000Hz frequency bandwidth
  • Low battery and near clip LED indicator
MONO Lapel Mic

$300- USD

Best Vocal Sound Quality of ANY Lapel Mic

Flat Frequency Response: 25-22,000±2 dB
1K Hz Acoustic Sensitivity: @ 84dB SPL 1K Hz Input = -57 dbv ±4 dB output
Mic Power Requirements: 'Plug-in-Power' featured portable DAT or MiniDISC decks; or any PA adapter
Output Plug & Cord Length: Molded Mono 3.5 mm R/A Plug (outputs left ch. stereo); 1.5 M cord




Dolby 5.1+ Compatible Recording
Multi-Channel Application Specific Models ~ $4800-$10,000+

Battery Powered 4-Channel XLR Balanced or Hi-Power Video Cable Driving DC-Servo Preamplifier shown below


Call for specifics on custom 4 and 5.1 channel systems
DSM Mic Customer Service


$200USD DSM Mic Repair/Refurbishment

Customer Service FAQ 

Please consider and respond to the following where it applies to your situation.

Each DSM has a unique history, while most may be *Refurbished*, some will have problems not be solvable (at least partially) for making the set reliable again, or work consistently for at least a 1 year period afterward. Refurbish service will only be done or suggested when there's good reason to expect acceptable restoration of original specifications & acceptable reliability.

SUGGESTION: If you are experiencing crackle noises, please carefully READ and FOLLOW the Jack/Plug Cleaning Tips BEFORE deciding repairs or service is needed.

Please provide the following information when contacting Sonic Studios for customer service:

1. Your DSM model type and SER#, __________________________

2. Who you are, and if you purchased this set directly from Sonic Studios or from what person (name?) to help find original calibration records.

3. From where are you sending (Your address/TEL#) and where to return as a "signed for" insured shipment,

4. Explain WHY you're having the mics serviced at this time; are you having problems? If so, please briefly describe the trouble.
*Sometimes a trade-in for an updated and better suited model is possible. I can advise this as an option once the set is received and evaluated.


PLEASE Let me know:

1. What model deck you're now using?
2. What sound/music subjects are your main focus?
3. IS the deck directly powering the DSM mics (using the deck's "plug-in-power" feature) or are you using a PA type powering adapter (hardwired? or separate?) with the microphone?

SCOPE OF WORK: *Refurbishment* Includes ALL or Part of the following work as needed:
  1. Testing to determine the condition, likely cause, and likely service options for like-new performance and ability to successfully restore at least one following year of like-new performance with reasonable reliability. The owner is contacted if there's a reliability issue and best options are discussed.  

2. DSM mic is then repaired and/or refurbished. This includes any or all of the following:

removing wire shorts, new output plug, diaphragm cleaning + new windscreens, pickup's exterior re-coated, mic cord made to be like-new (straight/untwisted), new Velcro cord tie, mounting loop repaired and/or metal slider restored, and the *removal of 'hardwired' PA-6 or PA-3 type modules so that older versions work with 'plug-in-power' DAT/MD decks, as like newer DSM versions.

*PLEASE NOTE: Vintage models DSM-6P, DSM-5L, DSM-10L, & DSM-3 mic versions had the powering module 'hardwired" to the mic set; mic-cord-wire-shorts near the powering module cannot be repaired without REMOVING THE POWERING MODULE. When this is the case, a new PA-6 (or better with bass filter) or suitable PA powering adapter needs be purchased, or consider now using the deck's 'plug-in-power' feature instead of needing the PA powering module when this is practical.

  3. USA insured shipping back to the customer is no longer included. OUTSIDE USA shipping cost is at least $50 USD; please include this with repair/refurbishment payment when sending mic here for service.  
  Ship DSM microphone protected with at least the pickups inside the plastic 'pillbox' travel case supplied with the DSM; a padded envelope works OK. Use a crushproof box when sending mics inside the latching hardcase; please NO padded mailer envelopes that often get crushed, damaging the latching hardcase (but, mics have always arrived OK inside).  

Send decks sealed inside dust-proof 'Zip Lock' type bag, then enclose the deck in small box (padded) inside a larger box (double boxed method) or use two or more layers of large bubble wrap; or use any combination of these methods to fully protect the deck inside from drop-shock and rough package handling.

  Ship here ANY BEST WAY with a tracking number, maybe good having some insurance applied in case of transit loss.  
(ALSO, please include your payment)
Make US POSTALMoney Order, Moneygram, or BANK OF AMERICA Cashiers Checks Payable & Ship to:

Leonard Lombardo
1311 Sunny Court
Sutherlin, Oregon 97479 USA

DSM Repair and/or Refurbishment Service FAQ

In a message dated 12/18/00 10:22:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Subj: SS repairs
Date: 12/18/00 10:22:40 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: GuySonic

Hello from NY, My friend Burt hooked me up with a new set of your excellent ss mics and the bass roll over a few years ago. I still can hardly believe my ears when I hear the job they do. It's honestly the best money I ever spent. I recently have a problem with the plug to d8 end( i think) of the cord and now they need some repair. Is it ok to send them out to you to take a look at them? Please drop me a line when you can. I have a phone # in the book that came with the mics 541-459-8839. I work 3 tp 12 est but could call most any weekend if that cool. Hope to hear from you soon. more question. Can you recommend a small mic to use with a d8 for stealth voice. I will ruin this mic in time so I would be looking for something cheap. a mono one would be cool to. Thanks again, Larry

Hello Larry,

Thank you for the news of your having a great time recording for many years.

Prepaid, Return FedEX COD for payment, or no cost Warranty Repair service is usual 1 week or less turnaround time.

I'm very thankful that repairs are rarely needed. The very unusual looking, but rugged and break resistant design/construction of all DSM mics, PA adapters, and accessories means Debbie and my efforts are in producing systems and almost never having to be repairing product already shipped spanning over the past 14 years!

You may send the mic set (+adapter) in for repair anytime but, before you do, please first check you are not just getting dirty contact noise problem that might be solved quickly and for less than $1.50 cost for a small bottle of isopropyl alcohol.

SUGGEST Clean the contacts first (before sending) with pure +91% isopropyl alcohol (NOT the rubbing type, but in the same drugstore section).

Clean deck's & PA adapter jack, all plugs, and please keep alcohol from wetting any 'amber' colored plug plastic like I use. Grungy insides of jacks (mostly caused from fingerprint grungy plugs) is the usual cause of serious noise. This is especially true when plugs are not kept 'cloth wiped mirror-bright clean' just before each use and alcohol (& ProGold) cleaned (suggested maintenance) every few months time.

See also plug/jack cleaning tips on page:

Anyway, please clean all connections as suggested to see if all problems are corrected. Do this first before sending in for repair..

Please use best way insured for shipping (better with having a tracking number)

For USA/Canada prepaid orders, send your request with your:

1) Name, Business Name, preferred FedEX or US Postal return Address/TEL# +

2) Prepayment:

US POSTALMoney Order, Moneygram, or BANK OF AMERICA Cashiers Checks Payable & Ship to:

Leonard Lombardo
1311 Sunny Court
Sutherlin, OR 97479 USA

Most repairs are now $150 USD flat-fee. Or no cost within two year warranty, for 'no fault of user' repair/refurbish/replace customer service.

Overnight FedEX express service shipping costs are extra if and when needed; all other prepaid are shipped no cost best way US Postal .

Not sending prepayment (when required) along with your serviceable items tends to make required repair and return shipping impossible.

US POSTALMoney Order, Moneygram, or BANK OF AMERICA Cashiers Checks Payable To:

Leonard Lombardo is the only acceptable payment for COD. This is exchanged with FedEX at time of home/office delivery or any convenient

FedEX will-call 'HOLD for pickup' office of your choosing. For FedEX Hold, please supply the office's complete street address.

More USA/Overseas ordering/shipping options:

PLEASE let me know the serial number on your set to determine about when manufactured; the original purchase invoice# is VERY helpful.

If you know your set is well past the 2 years warranty, then please send prepayment and/or choose more expedient FedEX ship-back delivery costs and/or include the FedEX HOLD office address, if this is desired.

Please INCLUDE your NAME with return Mailing or STREET Shipping Address + E-Mail + Telephone Number

+ any needed details or special instructions.



A posting on DATHeads Digest for a used DSM microphone prompted this response

From: Tom Bxxxx <>
Subject: Anyone selling their Sonic Studios DSM-6S mics?
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 15:01:46 -0400

I have a friend on a budget who wants to get a pair of DSM-6S mics from
Sonic Studios. Does anyone out there have a used pair that they are looking
to sell? Let me know.


Hello Tom,
Needless to say, we both are interested in your friend's recording satisfaction using a DSM microphone.  While used DSM mics may very well be a good value, these type of body-worn, and sometimes roughly pocketed mics get more physically/chemically challenged than large full size studio type mics used on a mic stand, and that later get stored in a nice wooden box in a dry place. Normal DSM use is somewhat abusive so end of mic-set life is often shorter (<6-10 years) as compared with conventionally used/stored microphones. Of this you should be aware, as also some other issues to consider before purchasing used.
Important issue to consider is a used DSM mic may be the WRONG sensitivity (model) for clear/clean satisfying recording of current interests.
DSM mics have ALWAYS been shipped to customers with sensitivity rating (older were unmarked, later came DSM-6S/xx models) that best suit particular UN-amplified acoustic to extremely bass loud recording interests.  Current live conditions for amplified pop/rock music has made appropriately sold DSM-6S/M models in early 90's, far less suitable in recent years where DSM-6S/L is now appropriate for the louder (clean) bass levels of modern venues. 
Another issue is the actual condition of mics after years of active use. 
My take is there's a good chance a seller thinks the 'mics are in good' condition in unrealistic loose terms.  An example is "they are in good condition and still work great, and I have made many good sounding recordings using them."  Generally there is NO seller 'feel' for the actual electrical/acoustic/mechanical condition of the set.  Photos are generally not of sufficient resolution to see evidence of abusive use/storage practices.
I have found many situations where mics sent in for customer service were abusively twisted/tangled with the pickups stored without pickup case in dusty, humid, crushed, or less than minimal good conditions.  The result can be buying a damaged set that's unreliable and/or too low in performance due to abuse or attrition from unnoticed circumstances.  In other words, a used DSM mic may have good value (or have little or NO resale value).  A used headworn/roughly pocketed mic set may or may not need refurbish service that's ONLY possible if still in good repairable condition.

This is very much like buying a used car from a seller who is nearly deaf, cannot clearly hear a sputtering engine, has no g-force sense of acceleration/braking, and has never or rarely had auto service/maintenance, and/or never personally opened the hood to check mechanical conditions.  And even if they did look, would NOT know what they were looking at!  All the seller really knows for sure is the car got them from point A-to-point-B with little or NO problems over the years, and still runs good!
QUESTION: Would you trustingly purchase a car from this person on their assessment of the cars value?  Buying a used DSM mic is like this, so be cautious, avoid getting less than what is expected or needed for satisfying recording ability.
Please read, or have your friend read DSM mic powering, models, customer service section on page: 
If any way affordable, purchasing a specific (appropriate) new DSM model that exactly fits interest/deck (like shown below) is a 'for sure' best value over risky used.

Best Regards in Sound & Music Recording,
Leonard (& Debbie) Lombardo, Owners


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for MD, DAT, CF, HD, and Video Field/Event/Studio Recording
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Patch/Adapter Cables

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    USA Telephone #:


PLEASE .................. ALWAYS INCLUDE an appropriate SUBJECT LINE in all e-mail correspondence.

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