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EFX-Ambient/CD Catalog/Direct Sound Download

Sounddogs, Inc.

An established and well-known Post-Production Resource Company with a comprehensive site containing 230,000+ available search-engine-driven and cataloged ambient/efx sounds.

NOTE: Some EFX/ambient sound libraries associated with Sound Ideas (below)


Sound Ideas Inc.

Well recognized worldwide as having one the most extensive-highest quality EFX & ambient sound catalogs available anywhere.   Their site is linked with the Sounddogs, Inc. EFX/Ambient Sounds download site for easily searchable and quick project-specific downloads.

NOTE: Sound Ideas Inc. with several in house field recording engineers have, for over 12 years, contracted with independent sound professionals that also use Sonic Studios DSM 2 & 4 channel mics to record specific project & catalog sounds with exceptional 3-D ambient stereo-surround qualities .



"The place for incredible sound effects."This is also the home of Creative Sound Design, a state-of-the-art sound design facility.

  • The Recordist series of sound effects libraries on audio DVD-ROM.
  • The flagship library contains an incredible collection of unique and difficult to record sound effects on 1 DVD in wav format.
  • Categories include: Aviation, Automobiles, Communications, Crashes, Household, Industry, Foley and Transportation just to name a few.
  • Original or CD library sound effects for your project
  • Specific sound elements for your project, The Recordist will record/design a custom library that meets your needs.

Owner Frank Bry has over 12 years experience using Sonic Studios DSM Stereo-Surround ambient microphones. Listen to his excellent EFX samples HERE


Extensive Sound/Music Knowledge, Resource, and Links Sites of interest to Musician, Composer, Music Groups, Starting Recording Engineers, and Independent Project Studios


Recording Connection: an established music industry school where students train for careers as professional recording engineers.


TAXI: The Independent A&R Vehicle connecting unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers, and film & TV music supervisors.


www.quietamerican.orgAaron Thieme's "The Quiet American"

NOTE FROM SONIC STUDIOS: Studio Surround Sound Recording with DSM mics requires a good sounding room.

ASC products help turn a bad sounding studio into a good sounding recording space, and a good room into a great recording space. ASC products work indoors/outdoors

Acoustic Sciences Corporation is a recognized leader in the field of audio acoustics and sound control. ASC produces a wide variety of award-winning acoustic products for hi-fi rooms, recording studios, home theaters, large spaces such as churches, auditoria, offices and classrooms and other critical listening and high-end audio environments.
ASC Tube Traps (bass traps) grace many of the most prestigious professional and private recording studios and have earned the respect of the industry’s finest engineers. The ATTACK Wall and Quick Sound Field have become essential tools for the serious recording engineer.

ASC produces complete soundproofing: The Iso-Wall system, utilizing our patented WallDamp soundproof material for superior sound proofing and isolation in high volume audio environments. Iso-Wall is a kit system easily installed by contractors and do-it-yourselfers.


LazyCats Records is a top Records Producer and Distributor. CD duplication, CD graphic design, original music and sound design, plus distribution of your CD. CD printing, quality  replication.


"No Man is an Island" is more true on the Internet than perhaps anywhere.......Links and suggestions are welcome


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Patented Stereo-Surround Microphone Technology
Passive DSM™ Mic Powering/Bass Filters
Eyegear/Headband/HRTF Baffle mountable matched omni mics
Stops wind blast noise; transparent acoustic design; records real wind sounds
for MD, DAT, CF, HD, and Video Field/Event/Studio Recording
Stereo-Surround Omni Mic Baffle for Stand, Fishpole, Studio Boom, and Ceiling

Portable Deck Power Solutions

Patch/Adapter Cables

Field/Studio Monitoring Headphones, Reviews


High-definition, low noise, very wide bandwidth preamp designs to fit any field/event/studio application using DSM™ stereo-surround mics.

MONO ONLY 'Lombardo' Lapel Mic for interview, Narration, Lecture, and clip-on acoustic instrument Recording

DSM™ Magazine Reviews
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