Sonic Studios™ Stereo-Surround HRTF LiteGUY™ Recording Baffle

Acoustically accurate for consistant precise stereo/multichannel live sound image when used with DSM™ mics

DSM LiteGUY recordings work for 2 & 4 channel Stereo- Surround recording projects

Patented acoustic technology design allows for consistantly accurate multichannel surround imaging.

Works as 2-channel stereo and 4, 5.1, 6.1+ multichannel surround sound recording with DSM stereo and surround microphnone models.

2-Views with Optional Windscreens Attached

Front View with DSM Mics
Heavy Duty Atlas Boom Mounted Views
Boom Mounting At Folk Festival
  1. LiteGUY Features:

Low 3-4 Lb. Weight True HRTF Acoustic Design

Built-in Easy DSM Loop Mount & Rear CordSecuring Tie

LiteGUY Mounts on ANY Standard 5/8" Threaded Stands/Booms

Top of Baffle 5/8" Mic Threads Allows Simultaneous (Vocal) Mic Mounting

Starting at $1400 USD

$125 Mic WindScreen or WHB/N Windscreen Mounting Option

Appropriate DSM Mic Model and Extension Cables Purchased Separately


  • Very Effective for Recording the "As-Heard" Acoustic Sound of: Drum Kit, Grand Piano, Cello, Floor harp, A Capella Vocals
  • Stage-Front or In-Front of Stage Performance Recording of Theatre, Acoustic Music, Instrument Amps, Lecture with Audience
  • 3-D Ambient Nature  & EFX Recordings of Very Long Duration or for Sound Recording within "People Hazardous" Field Locations (see YouTube below for example)
  • Allows Easy/Safe Temporary/Permanent Installation as a 'Flown' Ambient Stereo Microphone in Clubs, Concert Halls, Festival Stages

Sound Ideas' engineer David Lukesic recording impact sound effects using 'Harry,' a built-to-order Sonic Studios surround-sound 4-channel DSM + LiteGUY HRTF baffled mic array mounted on a fishpole boom.



Sonic Studios LiteGUY HRTF Baffle by Russ Long

Sutherlin, Oregon-based Sonic Studios has forged a microphone niche with its DSM mics. For those not familiar with Sonic Studios' Dimensional Stereo Microphones (DSM), these mics are part of a series of microphones that were initially designed to be worn by the user on the frame of a pair of eyeglasses.

The mics are small (about the size of a dime), light and somewhat inconspicuous (more so if you are in a dark club than in a well-lit environment). Though not as common in the recording studio, DSM microphones are routinely used in ambient, concert and field recording. Sonic Studios has a dozen different DSM models that vary in price, sensitivity and sonic quality. The company also has a vast assortment of power adapters.

It is no surprise that the company is now releasing the Sonic Studios Lite GUY HRTF Battle. The Lite GUY will give the DSM user a way to obtain quality 3-D stereo recording without wearing the microphones and without emptying the pocketbook.


_______rapid review


The Lite GUY is an acoustic baffle with the approximate size, shape and weight of a human head (Although I've never actually held a human head, I'm pretty sure this is pretty close to the correct weight). And there's a reason for its dimensions: The Lite GUY is designed to emulate the acoustic effects of the human head.

This allows the user to make recordings without actually wearing the microphones on his or her own head. This can be a good thing in the field it means that instead of trying to sneak up on the birds or the bear, you can hide in the bushes (at a safe distance) and listen as the friendly and not-so-friendly creatures of the wild approach the Lite GUY.

In the studio your assistant can actually get on with making coffee instead of pretending like he or she is a mannequin for three or four hours while the string quartet perfects its performance.

The Lite GUY mounts on a stan-dard 5/8" threaded mic stand. The top of the head is equipped with a 5/8" connector for the attachment of an umbrella accessory or to mount an additional microphone assembly. There is a small vinyl post on each side of the GUY (located where the ears should be) to attach the DSM mics. The microphones attach quickly and securely.

In use

I love the Lite GUY. I don't do a lot of field recording but I've found the GUY to be the ultimate studio experimentation tool. I've had great results recording electric guitar and drum ambience. The ambient stereo effect mixed underneath the regular mics adds a depth unlike anything I've heard before.

I've also used the GUY on several string sessions. On one occasion, I was recording a string quartet and the Sonic Studios' DSM microphones coupled with the Lite GUY were the sole audio source used in the mix. This was amazing as they were up against a pair of Neumann U-47 tube microphones as well as four close miked signals.


The Sonic Studios Lite GUY is the perfect solution for any engineer, sound designer or audio enthusiast who is searching for a professional yet affordable method of making stereo recordings.

Contact Sonic Studios at 541-459-8839; or circle Reader Service 113.

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