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NOTE: Cord securing tip should work (with variations) on most decks with 3.5 mm minijack inputs.
Secured Cords are noise-free and prevent damaging delicate DAT, MiniDISC, or Camcorder Mini-Jacks


1. Carefully and gently open the deck lid whenever inserting a minidisc but, PLEASE be looking where the arrow is pointing; it should be pointing directly at the deck.

Slide the disk all-the-way until it stops with a click BEFORE closing the lid down. Never force anything on these decks as they break easily; if it fits the right way, very little effort is needed

  2. BEFORE INSERTING, WIPE CLEAN THE PLUG (using a clean cloth) to a 'MIRROR BRIGHT SHINE,' removing fingerprints and grunge that will make bad connection noises (loud) & collect such inside the jack. This may cause corrosion if left to collect inside the deck's jacks.  
      See Tips page for more.
  3. Insert the 'just wiped clean' MIC plug all-the-way into the (red) mic input jack, running the cord along the back of the deck as shown above.  
  4. Secure the Mic cord on the back of the deck with the Velcro strap as shown. This keeps the plug from moving around and electrically very quiet and this will keep you very happy!  

5. Push REC and set the RECORDING Level with the NEXT TRACK Backward/Forward (BT/FT) buttons so that the VU indication (VU is at the very top of the display) is going about half way (-12 db mark to a -6 dB or 75%FS MAX; left to right) for about the loudest sounds you'll want to record cleanly.

With ALL Sharp MD, manual adjusting of the recording level at any time is possible. While making a recording, pushing the 'next track' BT/FT buttons will FIRST POP UP THE MANUAL RECORDING LEVEL SETTING, BUT WILL NOT CHANGE THE LEVEL UNTIL A SECOND BUTTON PUSH.

NOTE: ONLY a SECOND push of the BT/FT button WILL THEN ADJUST the recording LEVEL (either up or down)a notch for every button push.

EXCEPTION FOUND: Sharp Model MD-MT-15 IMMEDIATELY changes the recording level ON THE FIRST PUSH OF BT or FT buttons (!!!!); this is a design oversight FAULT corrected in the virtually identical MT20 model.

TO AVOID CAUSING A HALF-SECOND MUTE DURING A RECORDING that always occurs between the #20 & #21 REC Levels, AND AVOID using the limited HIGH Sensitivity range (accidentally accessible with just one button push on the MT15 model), stay in the #0-to-#20 LOW Sensitivity input range AND always push the BT (down) button FIRST, especially while recording

This action will always turn down the REC level one notch on the first push (on the MT15 models), avoiding the #20-to-#21 mute crossing that will always occur IF YOU JUST HAPPEN TO BE ALREADY AT #20, the maximum setting in the LOW input sensitivity range.

In other words, set your VU levels very conservatively for best quality with these decks. MORE TAPERS TIPS HERE

6. Push the dual function PLAY/PAUSE button to start making the recording (the round DISK icon display will show spinning motion).

7. Push again Play/Pause to pause or push the STOP(OFF) button to stop when finished recording for awhile. Push STOP(OFF) and then PLAY to hear the recordings you just made.

8. Use the sliding lockout (at one edge) on the disk you just recorded to make sure you do not erase or record over something you want to keep for later.

9. There is a locking HOLD slide switch on the back of the deck (or a 2 second duration OFF/HOLD button push on the MT90). You can use feature to keep front buttons from working while making a recording (to keep from accidental stopping) or when finished using the deck. This will prevent the deck from turning on or doing anything you donít want while traveling or storing for later use.

10. The MT15/20 & SR60 decks usually run on rechargeable NiMH AA cell(s) as supplied by Sharp, but can run on regular alkaline cells AND Eveready L91 photo lithium batteries that run twice as long . However, these other cell types ARE NOT RECHARGEABLE!!!!


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