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Hear For Yourself True VR Environments Recorded Over 25+ Year Period Using Custom Made Sonic Studios Mic Systems
Composer, Nature, Ambient Environment, ENG, FX, Musicology
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ALL DSM recordings are naturally encoded with full multi-channel ambient surround-sound of the environment in which they're made.

Recordings below are all made using DSM™ 2-channel mics direct to an analog cassette, but mostly using digital DAT, MD, and the newer audio flash card 24bit HD decks. Then the master recordings are transferred as wav file format before MP3 encoding for uploading to this site.

Read about the specific recording equipment used in the notes (plain text) accompanying each music or sound file.

Suggest downloading various tracks of interest, then directly burning a CD or DVD jukebox audio disc for playing on any CD/DVD/Blueray DVD players.

Listen on open-air (way better than closed) or ear-bud type headphones (avoid noise canceling type phones), 2-channel stereo speaker, and surround multi-channel speaker systems. See tips for best imaging speaker alignment.

DSM recorded 2-channel stereo will playback the exact as-heard 360 degree surround sound the recordist experienced during the live event on all 4, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 cinema type video playback systems with Dolby Pro Logic II or DTS NEO-6 decoder turned on! Suggest using the MUSIC MODE setting on Dolby and DTS decoders for natural sound without decoder artifacts.


There are many live sound types and interests.

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No other method of recording live environmental sound consistently captures virtual reality like DSM systems


Be there again, or maybe for the first time!


For over 13 years Sound-Ideas and associated recordists use 2 & 4 Channel DSM™ stereo-surround mics

Download 5.1 IMMERSION sample files to play(DVD-Audio authoring software required)

NOTE: IMMERSION 5.1 recordings done with DSM 4-CH Stereo-Surround Mic

MIC Recording/Playback Live Ambient Stereo/Surround Tips CLICK HERE

Learn how DSM stereo-surround recordings are made in the FAQ section


Sound Ideas' engineer David Lukesic recording impact sound effects using 'Harry,' a built-to-order Sonic Studios surround-sound 4-channel DSM + LiteGUY HRTF baffled mic array mounted on a fishpole boom.

David also personally headwears this same 4-channel mic array (sans LiteGUY baffle) in less hazardous, more socially demanding projects where keeping lowest mic recording 'visual impact' within a crowd of people is desired.

More about sound designers using DSM microphones on the FILM CREDITS PAGE




Aaron Ximm's "The Quiet American" Project


The Serendipity Machine

'Virtual audio magic in a suitcase'

  "These Machines enchant me because they offer the listener an opportunity to hear something unique: the chance conjunction of sounds that is evocative, provacative, lovely or jarring. A conjunction that may never occur again, exactly the same way." Aaron Ximm

"In other words, these Machines reproduce and amplify exactly those elements which are most elusive, that interest me most, in the act of field recording itself."

Aaron Ximm


"Perhaps that's why they can surprise and delight me, though I make them and know every sound in their library."

Aaron Ximm

Sample composition generated by Serendipity Machine 03.19.02 (skyway). The machine constantly mixes a set of around a hundred clips of unmanipulated recordings to produce a never-repeating, always-changing series of juxtapositions up to three layers deep. Some 20,000 combinations are possible, including moments of silence.

"In these compositions you'll hear how bells sound the time of day, the time of prayer, the time of festival, the time of transhumance.

You'll hear how their temporality shapes space, changing ambience with the season, making distance and dimension. You'll hear how they interact with other time and space-makers, from the sea, insects and birds, to cars, televisions, and musical instruments. Most of all you'll hear how bells simultaneously sound a present and past, as their immediate resonance also rings the longue durée of their technological and social history." Steven Feld

"THE TIME OF BELLS" CD Volume I and other works available at:

NOTES: CD tracks recorded with DSM-6S/EH / WHB/N mic + LiteGUY hrtf baffle + PA-24NJ preamp + PCM-M1 DAT deck (exception: M-S mic used on tracks #1 & #3)

DOWNLOAD 3:53 Min. / 5.6MEG track #6 clip of "MÉAUDRE" ....'an alpine village in the Vercors, southwest of Grenoble.

Belled cows graze along the road, and the evening angelus pours across the valleys, followed by the roar of motorbikes and cars heading home. Later, as the cows move back to the mountains, the grillons, night crickets who sound as brittle as their name.'

The ringing of European city and village bells has long shaped civil and religious time - daily time, seasonal time, work time, ritual time, social time, collective time, cosmological time.

In these six compositions you'll hear how bells sound the time of authority and disruption. You'll hear how hand bells, animal bells, church bells, time chimes, and carillons interact with other time and space-makers, from birds to plaza fountains and cell phones, from walking and running feet to parades and urban traffic, from choirs and bagpipes to brass bands, DJs and amplified sound systems.

Most of all you'll hear how bells ring a deep European history of gathering participants and calling in equal measure for prayer, protest, and carnival.

"THE TIME OF BELLS" CD Volume II available at:

DOWNLOAD 4:06 Min./6.7MEG Compilation of sound samples from each of the 6 CD tracks.

NOTES: CD tracks recorded with DSM-6S/EH / WHB/N ambient stereo-surround mic + LiteGUY hrtf baffle + PA-24NJ preamp + PCM-M1 DAT deck

In previous releases, Feld’s soundscape compositions from five European countries explored how animal, church, and festival bells shape social time.

The three featured groups highlight the vibrant world of music styles in Accra today. But what’s unique here is the presence of jazz in the mix, whether it is the traces of swing parts you hear in bells jamming with car horns, or the straight-up tribute to John Coltrane and the 1970’s avant-garde played on African as well as Western instruments.


Go HERE for Steven Feld's 2/22/2006 EMusician article

Go HERE for 2/11/2007 article

Listen (Download; 2:21Min/3.6Meg) as bells of different sizes, pitches, and timbres make time multiple. Interacting with voices, wind, string, percussion and reed instruments-—including car horns and jazz saxophone—bells ring the vibrant time of traditional, modern, Pan African diasporic styles now resounding in Accra

Now Musical Bells of Accra, Ghana turns to bells as musical instruments.

Time of Bells 3 by Steve Feld and Nii Noi Nortey

"The Musical Bells of Accra, Ghana" Features three never-recorded ensembles working out bell time on six extended tracks.

In Accra, capital city of Ghana, the former “Gold Coast,” one commonly hears musicians instruct that “the bell is the keeper of the time” in traditional drum and dance ensembles. But bells do much more than keep ensemble time.

Latest in the series "Time of Bells 4" CD details at:

Steven Feld shown recording 62 minute ambient audio CD, "Anomabo Shoreline" ocean waves in Accra, Ghana for THE CASTAWAYS PROJECT relased in 1/2007 using headworn Sonic Studios' custom DSM-1S/H + WHB/N 2-channel stereo-surround mic.






The Castaways Project was initiated by visual artist and writer Virginia Ryan in 2003. Since that time she has made c. 2000 'sculptural paintings', each 9.5 x 11.5 inches, from washed-up materials collected along local shorelines around Accra, Ghana. All the works are white-washed and flicked through with grey-gold, resonant with the colors of foam and sand as the waves break on the very shores from where the inhabitants were once taken and enslaved to build the new world. The works fill walls and rooms, creating an environment concerned with washed-in and washed-out history and memory of displacements, gold and slavery along the one-time African Gold Coast.


In photo below, Steven uses LiteGUY HRTF baffle mic to record ambient sound of Accra Trane Station.

NOTES: TOB-3 CD tracks recorded with DSM-6S/EH & DSM-1S/H + WHB/N ambient stereo-surround mics + LiteGUY hrtf baffle + PA-24NJ preamp+ AKG 451 as A-B front pair ( on 4-ch R-4 recorded tracks 1,2,3,5w/ AERCO pre) + PCM-M1 DAT powered by BC-1 + Edirol R-4 powered by BD-8 external battery.


In 2006 Ryan invited media artist Steven Feld to collaborate. Feld created an audio environment titled Anomabo Shoreline, from ocean sounds at one of Ryan's collecting places, and an ambient video about the beach environment and Ryan's work to collect and transform the objects. This is part two of 'The castaways project'- Where Water touches Land'


Video tour of Virginia Ryan's Multiple Entries:

Africa and Beyond 2001-2008, exhibited at the Galleria Civica, Spoleto, Italy, July-August 2008, with ambient and music soundtrack by Steven Feld & Accra Trane Station. More information at

Film describing Australian artist Virginia Ryan's INTRANSITU project, in collaboration with the ARAKAMARE embroidery group in Puglia, italy, 2007. Part one in a series of:
Art Concept and Direction: Virginia Ryan
Sound Design: Steven Feld (seen headwearing DSM WHB mic!)


Por Por He Sane

from Steven Feld; VoxLox AT VIMEO

One hour documentary about the invention of music for car horns in West Africa

Por Por: Honk Horn Music of Ghana

Steven Feld's latest 2/2007 CD release available


Low bitrate stereo samples of all tracks on the ordering site



Hi Leonard,

Two nights ago, I sat outside our bedroom on the little patio and recorded about 12 minutes of our northwest Red-legged tree frogs. Their voices are quite varied and they do go on. It is their habit to be quiet for 30 seconds to several minutes until one will pipe up. Then another will join and then it cascades.

I think that there are two groups. Most times they all sing together, but at times there is a discrete difference on volume and density of the voices. This is quite apparent when looking at a graphical image of the recording.


One group will quiet down, while the other keeps going until the other joins back in. But at other times, both will stop quite abruptly with only one or two frogs individually croaking once or twice and then quiet.

At around the 3:00 to the 4:00 (and on) minute mark, there is a frog that has this very distinctive voice… a fast clicking at around 10 or so clicks per second.

Quite fun to hear.The quality of their voices is quite varied, and I find them quite interesting to listen to them and the recorded audio quality is quite rich and crisp. We have a stream running nearby, so there is the background noise of flowing water in the recording. ........... David Hays


RECORDING GEAR: DSM-1S/H+WHB/N Mic & Sony PCM-M10 Flash deck.

DOWNLOAD the ~12 minute, ~25 meg MP3 sample directly encoded from clipped sections of 2 hour raw 24bit, 44.1KHz WAV file.

 Vapor Frame installation at Smoke Farm





Sound recorded with headworn DSM mic directly into 2-channel digital recorder.


WOODPECKER by Robin Barber 2002 6.2MEG 4 MINUTES

Several groups and varieties of birds and flying insects in very quiet early morning meadow.
  • SONY PCM-M1 DAT + MOD-2 mic power upgrade
  • DSM-1S/M + WHB/N headworn 2-ch windscreen mic
  • BC-1C external 25 hour 4C alkaline battery
A Few Social Frogs by Gary Aro Ruble 2001 5.29 MEG 4 MINUTES
Small valley lake frogs get real social on a large 'bad lands' ranch east of Livermore, California
  • SHARP MD-MT80 minidisc deck
  • DSM-6S/H + WHB/N headworn 2-ch windscreen mic
COCHINA by Aaron Ximm 2003 750KBytes 0.30 MINUTES
Pigs in a pen + ambient birds, Vinales, Cuba
  June 18, 2010 PLAT I Umpqua Model Club Plane Sounds YouTube VIDEOS    
  PRODUCTION NOTES: Recorded & Edited by GuySonicStudios  

CAMERA: Panasonic Lumix point-in-shoot pocket size DMC-ZS3; AVCHD 720P HQ 16:9 video mode. AUDIO: Sonic Studios DSM-6S/EH+WHB/N headworn mic + PA-24XP preamp + M-Audio MT-24/96 in 24bit/88.2K high definition mode. VIDEO EDITING: CyberLink PowerDirector V8 with direct YouTube (.WMV) upload from edit.


June 19, 2005 PLAT I Photos & Plane-Wildlife Bird Sounds YouTube VIDEO

DOWNLOAD PLAT I recordings/photos by Leonard Lombardo Father's Day June 19, 2005


Variety of birds, model hydroplanes, and electric boat sounds recorded at Plat I in a secluded estuary. Model planes were clearly audible at 1/4 mile distance.



©2006 photo by Leonard Lombardo

Rolling Thunder-Rain #1 6-11-2006

Gentle rolling thunder and rain make this recording both dramatic and relaxing.

The oncoming storm is announced by the rolling thunder, dogs, and birds.

A surprisingly intriguing soundscape with raindrops on GUY's fisherman's style hat.

  Blow'n In
Take'n Cover

Recorded using Sonic Studios DSM-6S/H stereo mic + WHB/N windscreen + GUY HRTF baffle + PA-24XP preamp + M-audio Microtrack deck at 24bit/88.2K, then converted to MP3 format

Rolling Thunder-Rain #2 August, 7 2006

Rock'n Rolling Thunder and light rain recorded in exact location as #1 with GUY HRTF baffle now wearing a straw hat, but using different mic-preamp-deck recording system. Sounds of the afternoon with retired logger neighbors tending garden and a logging yarder sounding off in the near distance (the beep-beep sound) enhances the reality of living in a small once very scenic Oregon community that's clear cutting the surrounding forest for profit and real-estate.

Recorded using Sonic Studios DSM-1S/H stereo mic + WHB/N windscreen + GUY HRTF baffle + PA-3SX preamp + Edirol/Roland R-09 deck at 24bit/44.1K, then converted to MP3 format  

It's early evening at Plat I, and a nearly constant breeze is blowing in the trees.

Canadian geese leave the water shortly before another westward overhead flock is heard. Small Plat I birds discuss pending nightfall as distant sound of a very high flying plane paints the sky.

Recorded using personally headworn DSM-1S/H mic + WHB/N windscreen + PA-3SX preamp + Edirol/Roland R-09 deck at 24bit/44.1K, then converted to MP3 format

Very low noise recording of ~13 minutes of mostly nature sounds. Played for best effect at moderate low volume in a relaxing quiet space.


Dr. Dirt's family 800 acre ranch hosted many fine events for a select group of friends who traveled for nearly 3 hours over the Mt. Hamilton mountain range to reach this remote destination situated in the 'Band Lands' South of Pleasantin in Northern California USA.


Recorded onto Cassette Dolby C using Sony WM-D6C tape deck, custom DSM-6S/M headworn mics.





One of my 1st in 1986 Used TDK AD-X Dolby C, Sony WM-D6C, mic input w/DSM-6S/M mic.



One of my 1st recordings on Pacific Avenue.

The Cooper House had a Jazz band playing in the pavilion (on the right side of image) outside

Used TDK AD-X Dolby C, Sony WM-D6C, mic input w/DSM-6S/M mic.


"I invite you to share this project with anyone and encourage downloading and use of these recordings."

"If you are able to use any of these recordings, please contact me and let me know how you use them. I am very interested in your comments."


"Support for the was provided by the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia and was developed during my sesquicentennial leave. The purpose of this website is to expand my research as a sound designer through field recording. A primary goal of this endeavor is to explore HRTF sound recording."


The majority of the recordings were recorded with Sonic Studio's DSM-1S/H head worn microphones connected to a PA-3SX Preamp, and an Edirol R-09 digital recorder. Most recordings were captured in 24 bits utilizing a 48 kHz sampling rate.

Sounds of the Oregon Country Fair Drum Circle, Parade, Stamenphone, Original "Country Fair Song" & More..
  Chris Zenchenko's Recordings: Outrigger Hawaiian Vacation Tour & Midwest USA Fireworks Finale  
  Recording Gear: Sony PCM-D1+DSM-6/H (+WHB/N windscreen)+PA-6LC2 (power/filter)  
(Photos at left show Chris using headworn mic array while in Hawaii)
NOTE: Chris's raw recordings directly converted to maximum quality 320 kbps MP3
DOWNLOAD 12 MEG, 5 MINUTE outrigger tour clip
DOWNLOAD 3.4 MEG, 1.5 MINUTE Wisconsin USA fireworks finale clip




Over six years ago Stephan Crasneanscki approached Sonic Studios with a 'Soundwalk' concept allowing people a more familiar walking sense in destination cities.

Since 2002 several Sonic Studios DSM-1S/M & /H stereo surround recording systems have greatly helped meet original goals.

Soundwalk has since added capabilities and scope including client based services and in-house projects all involving virtual reality sound.

DOWNLOAD 39.5 MEG, 43 MINUTE "Kill The Ego" soundtrack, or hear/view the full video listed inside 'PROJECTS' at

© 2008-2009 Soundwalk, Rostarr & Label Dalbin
More information at

Kill The Ego
New York Recordings 1998-2008

Concept & Execution by Stephan Crasneanscki
Sound Design by Dug Winningham
Mix by Brandon Proctor
Mastering at Bison-Bison Studios with the generous support of Lora Hirschberg

A film by Rostarr
Directed by Jim Helton and Ron Patane

Co-production Label Dalbin, Soundwalk & MAC Creteil
Category: Entertainment  
  Equipment Note: Most of 'La Brulure' recorded with Sonic Studios windscreened DSM-1S/H + Sony PCM-M10 flash recorder.  





"MOVING WAVES" An Aquatic Journey CD by Milton Sofoulis

Australian relaxation sounds recordist Milton Sofoulis used DSM-1S/M + WHB/N mic with Sharp MD to record water/birds for his first CD.

DOWNLOAD BELLBIRDS Track #4 MP3 sample clip

True very high quality stereo VBR encoded... 6:45 Minute ~10MEG

Click on Moving Waves CD to go to Milton's Web Site

Debbie's 'Si CASA FLORAS' MEXICAN BIRTHDAY GREETING; 927 Kbytes MP3 Recorded w/headworn DSM-6S/H + Sharp MD-SR60

Raw Nature & EFX Samples Recorded by Gary Ruble (alias Doctor Dirt) from Dr Dirt's Volume 1 Ambient Sounds Collection CD

Equipment Used: DSM-6S/H mounted inside WHB windscreen headband on a Sharp MD-MT20 portable MiniDISC deck

Production: Direct digital transfer from MD to .wav, then converted to highest quality VBR MP3 using Cool Edit Pro plugin.

SHAKEDOWN STREET IN DEADHEAD LAND . . . CLICK for original posted 20 minute version page . . . . Stealth Ambient 3-D Surround-Sound Stereo . . . Social-Drama + Music + a whole lot more going on; hear it for yourself !!!

A Rich and Moving 3-D Virtual Reality Tapestry of Deals, Meals, Banters, Bummers, Barters, Tales of Friends-Drink-Drugs-Love, Guitar & Drum Circle Music, and more happening all at the same time!

After a 1993 Autzen Stadium Eugene Oregon Grateful Dead concert I head out to the parking lot camping section, and discovering, for the first time, Shakedown Street.

I order Chai tea, and soon find myself bantering with participants.

Be there again in DSM™ recorded virtual reality stereo-surround sound.

Absolute 1st/Last Moffett Field 1986 JULY 4 FULL Public Access Fireworks Show allowing the public to drive directly onto the airstrips!

Local AM Radio Station KSAN synchronized KATE SMITH'S "GOD BLESS AMERICA" to the finale fireworks sequence as heard through the screems, car horns, and loud explosions.


LOOK OUT . . . FOR THAT BOTTLE ROCKET . . . FRED! . . . 192kbit - 4.5MEG - 3:08M . . . '91 Fourth O' July Fireworks - Loon Lake Dock -Sonic Studios DSM-6S/M Ambient Stereo Mic + PA-12A DC-Servo Mic Preamplifier + Denon DTR-80P DAT Deck
Oak Hills Golf & Country Club Fireworks Spectacular

4th of July 2001 Sutherlin, Oregon

Click Here





  This year NO public fireworks, so residents purchased their own and improvised with all kinds of skyrockets and firearms set off for miles around the Sutherlin valley area. Sort of sounded like a war zone, but no stray bullets reported to cause a mishap, and no publicized arrests. I guess we mostly had a good time after all!
Recorded with HRTF baffled mic positioned at the street curb in front of my house from ~ 10:30PM to Midnight.  
    DOWNLOAD 13 MIN ~10 MEG Sutherlin Neighborhood Fireworks MP3  
Rain, Train, Plane + more - 192kbit/4:08M -Sutherlin, OR 3-D Surround Recording - DSM-1S/L MIC + WHB Windscreen + Sharp MD-MT20 MiniDISC + Umbrella
Oklahoma Thunder Storm by Mark Ragsdale using DSM-6S/M + Sharp MD recorder
BELOW: "GOD BLESS THE USA" Bellagio fountan customer made video recorded in VERY high definition 1080P + full spectrum DSM Stereo-Surround sound!
BELOW: "VIVA LAS VEGAS" Another high definition (soon in 1080P) Bellagio fountain by same customer in full spectrum DSM Stereo-Surround sound!

The sound for this video was recorded with HRTF microphones. These are the very same mics used for recording resource sounds for most major action films like "Sin City, Lord of the Rings Trilogy" , and many more over the past 16+ years.

The high quality 2-channel flash deck recorded audio was later substituted in video post edit for the camera's original audio track.


PRODUCTION NOTES: Much appreciated contribution of this mpeg-4 video file from Barrett Phillips using small camcorder, and headwearing Sonic Studios DSM-6S/H + WHB/N windscreened microphone + PA-3SX-U preamp into M-Audio MT-2 audio flash recorder.

Birds, Frogs, Water Sounds . . . 192Kbps . . . 10.1 MEG . . . 7:05 MIN . . . Loon Lake, OR. . . various Headworn DSM mic/DAT decks



Idling & Slowly Crusing into the Festival Entrance

Recorded with Headworn DSM-6S/L (mounted in WHB/N) + PA-24NJ Preamp + PCM-M1 DAT Deck

DOWNLOAD . . . 150-240Kbps VBR MP3 . . . 7.5 MEG . . . 5:12 MIN



More Custom/Stock Motorcycles Idling & Slowly Heading out

Every year Sutherlin celebrates the 3-day Blackberry Festival. Friday evening is a dance, Saturday is dedicated to many contests including a vintage and custom car show with prizes.

Sunday has motorcycle contests. Personally I really love the starting up and accelerating sounds.

So I gathered all the still photos into a slide show mixing in festival recorded stereo-surround sounds.

Recording Gear: Nikon CoolPix + DSM-6S/L mic + PA-3SX preamp + Edirol R-09 flash card audio recorder.

DOWNLOAD the MP3 sound file; maybe better sounding than YouTube converted audio.

Oregon Country Fair Ambient . . . 150-240Kbps VBR MP3 . . . 4.9 MEG . . . 5:12 MIN / Sony TCD-D100 DAT+LiteGUY+DSM-6S/H


NOTE: While scores of film/video sound designers use DSM mics to record worldwide live resource sounds for high profile projects, few give out this, their 'best kept secret,' as it makes sound gathering easy, consistent, high quality, and very discreet working any location.

Go to the sound designer film credits page to view a (partial) list of DSM customers and some of their film credits where DSM recorded resource sounds have found excellent use.



The Airborne Sound library features luscious stereo-surround sound ambiances, European as well as North American signature recordings, planes, trains, industrial effects and machinery and much more...

Paul Virostek's Airborne Sound has been recording, mastering and providing sound effects for the professional film and multimedia communities for nearly fifteen years.

Paul kindly made available 'free-to-download' airport/ferry city public places ambient sounds..

Sounds for free download as VBR MP3 listed at left.

ALSO FREE USE are MASTER QUALITY +10X larger size 24 bit/48K (wav) sound files available at AIRBORNE SOUND

Airborne Sound's work is heard in feature films such as Batman Begins, Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby, Glory Road, Michael Mann's Ali and others.

In addition, Airborne Sound has collaborated on design projects with Microsoft, Apple, Sprint and Adobe.

click logo for Paul's site
Sound samples recorded using HRTF DSM-6S/EH stereo-surround mic

©'93f Creative Sound Design More ON Frank Bry's site HERE

DSM FX click for download page Urban Ambient Sounds of Crowds, Jet Planes, Train, Motorcycle


Hi Leonard,

Just noticed on your web-page that we were missing on your users list :)

To give you an idea, we've been using your DSM mics now for several years on several projects and like them very much ! On the latest project used I strapped the Sony D100 onto the belly of a dog, and rigged the DSM's onto a dog's head (no animals were harmed at all :).

This got us awesome moaning, whining, groaning, eating, breathing dog sounds.

Try to do that with any other mic !!

Cheers ! -c. d. -interplay entertainment

<< Subj: DSM's Date: 6/21/01 7:16:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time
  96kbps (mono mix of stereo) 325K MP3 . . . 27 sec
Many air-show flyby sounds are designed into films. Who can forget Star Wars' pod racer sounds at least partially composed of air show flyby resource recordings.

Recorded not inside the airport grounds, but across the tracks/street at ~500 foot distance third up from runway start. This distance allows recording longer-duration flyby sounds with wider imaging properties most useful for film work.

However great are the recorded flyby sounds, there's occasional sounds of motor vehicles passing in front, and to a lesser degree, overheard sidewalk banter making this recording most authentic sounding, but less suitable as resource for sound design purposes

At least one pod likely used exact same model plane flyby sound. Recognize at least one familiar 'pod racing' sound?

Many sound designers working projects out of Skywalker Sound use headworn DSM™ stereo-surround mics for gathering FX sounds needed for specific projects, then saved in the sound library as an FX resource for future projects.

Recordist used the following:

CAUTION: This recording has VERY soft-to-VERY LOUD SPL dynamics

NOTE: Photos for illustratiion purpose only

DOWNLOAD Freight Train #1

DOWNLOAD Amtrak #1
DOWNLOAD Freight Train #2 DOWNLOAD Amtrak #2
DOWNLOAD Two Freights
DOWNLOAD Freight Deep Whistle
DOWNLOAD OREO the cat on the stairs

These trains were recorded along CSX track in Richmond VA. I was on Oakview avenue near the 8600 block between Hermitage road and Parham road. That is about 1/2 mile north of the Amtrak Staples Mill road station. This is a double track main line and quite buisy with about 10 Amtrak passenger trains per day and many freights. Pierre Morin, Recordist

Recorded with WHB/N windscreen DSM-1S/H mic + PA-24NJ preamp into Marantz PMD-660 flash deck.


Recording I made July 6 2007 of Canadian Pacific, hudson type steam locomotive 2816 near Lytton British Columbia Canada. Engine built 1930 for CPR passenger service in eastern Canada.

Retired 1950's. On display at museum in USA for many years. Purchased by CPR in late 90's and restored to operation by BC Rail's steam shop in North Vancouver BC.

Now used for publicity and excursions out of Calgary Alberta.

Picture at left taken two years ago in the same area

DOWNLOAD Hudson 2816 Steam Locomotive left to right slow travel

DOWNLOAD More recently recorded recorded July 9 Hudson 2816 Locomotive right to left 33 MPH faster travel speed.


Old passenger train going by Spuzzum BC. It has three old diesel engines (1955 vintage) and 10 old business cars from about 1930. Recorded this while standing under trees to be out of the rain. CPR uses this for the company officials and for high end paying passengers. Nice echo off the walls of the Fraser canyon. The train is called the "Royal Canadian Pacific"


Recorded from open door between cars on the train coming from Eatonville to Tacoma. Nowadays it is rare to be allowed to look out an open window on a train and also it is rare to ride on jointed track.



Message dated 11/12/2007 Peter Morin writes:
Saturday went for a walk along CPR track on south side of Burrard inlet, east from Willingdon Ave for about 3 miles. Train was the West Coast Express commuter at same area recorded back in June.DOWNLOAD

GEAR: Marantz PMD660
PA24NJ preamp
DSM1S/H + WHB/N mics

Message dated 11/15/2007 Pierre Morin writes:
Recording was made in same area as pictures. I was in the woods about 100 feet from track when making recording. Mics were on a 1 gallon windshield washer fluid jug. (guysonic note: Not HRTF, instead a baffled omni mic effects recording) DOWNLOAD

I have some other similar recordings I did in that area in September with the mics head worn, some with a few small waves in background. DOWNLOAD

Paddling & Loons


Loons at Purden lake near Prince George BC

It sounded just like that when I was there. I never do any weird special effects editing, only cutting undesirable sounds such as truck traffic and me hitting the canoe with the paddle, light hiss reduction, filter low frequencies below about 30 hz to reduce handling noise, and normalizing to 96%. I always try to keep the sound authentic to the original.



There was an echo from the trees along the lake shore about 500 to 1000 feet away. The land slopes very gently up from the shore of the lake, no steep cliffs.

The long version (bigger file) using a friend's high speed internet.Recorded at Purden Lake BC near cousin Mike and Cathy's cabin early in the morning from a canoe. 7.8 MEG DOWNLOAD


Cat fight under my bedroom window It happened around 1am this morning. 0.792 MEG DOWNLOAD


Thunder storm North Vancouver late July, 2009. Recorded this during that storm we had about 10 days ago, in my carport. 2.9 MEG DOWNLOAD


Recorded RAVENS at Cisc. For some reason there were many more than usual. There is a highway just across the river with plenty of vehicle noises. This short recording is the only portion I could get without background noise. 1.6 MEG DOWNLOAD


I recorded this 'mystery sound' (see photo at left) with my Sonic Studios head worn microphones and Marantz flash recorder at the local ski area. 1.0 MEG DOWNLOAD


Recorded more 'mystery sounds' DOWNLOAD and DOWNLOAD


 San Francisco Cable Car Ride

Pierre Morin recording made while riding inside on a cable car bench seat near the conductor during a recent visit to San Francisco. The trip starts at Fisherman's Wharf and goes to Market street. I was sitting at the front, right side, facing sideways. April 29, 2007.

Gear used: Headworn DSM-1S/H + WHB/N mic + PA-24NJ preamp into Marantz PMD-661 flash deck. Orignal recording iw ~ 20 minutes and was edited into three downloadable files.

YouTube video audio edited to stay within the required 10 minute limitation is below as higher than YouTube quality MP3 Pro VBR file.

YouTube audio: 14.8 MEG DOWNLOAD

These are the original Pierre Morin audio files: Part 1: 8.2 MEG DOWNLOAD

Part 2: 8.3 MEG DOWNLOAD

Part 3: 8.2 MEG DOWNLOAD




Hello Leonard

I have attached a 192kbps MP3 sound file of a recording of a Chinook helicopter made at an airshow in October 2006 at the old RAF Duxford airfield near Cambridge, UK. This is now part of the Imperial War Museum and houses workshops which restore and maintain many historic aircraft. Flying displays are also held regularly featuring aircraft old and new. I was situated near to one of the commentary speakers and using the DSM-1S/H with the PA-3SX on gain setting 2 feeding the Edirol R-09 at input level 15. It was one of the first recording I made with the system. There is also a collage attached of shots of the Chinook.

Best regards,

Andy Neenan

CHINOOK HELICOPTER RECORDED using headworn DSM-1S/H + WHB/N mic into PA-3SX preamp with R-09 flash deck

Stereo-Surround Audio for

Television/Radio ENG Event/Interview




Recording Gear:

Headworn DSM-6S/EH+WHB

PA-24B pre+MT1 recorder

Panasonic LUMIX FZ100

+ One Large Umbrella

Most common interview opportunities are impromptu on-the-spot type encounters.

Using non-intrusive high quality low profile gear leaving your hands totally free and natural direct eye contact for candid banter has advantages not found with handheld microphones and handholding or tripod camera mounting.

Here is an example of headworn DSM mics plugged directly into a small audio flash recorder and a shirt-pocket size Panasonic DMC-ZS3 in 720P video mode is hung like a pendant with custom made camera mount easily made by some DIY, and also available from Sonic Studios.

Later in post edit the camera audio is simply synced and then replaced with the higher quality flash deck audio.

This type of gear and tactics are the future for documentary and interview work.

 The Wine & Beer Garden area is ONLY place within the Umpqua Valley Art Festival grounds where open alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Here is my experience at the sole wine booth where I acquired a $2 'glass' of wine.

Banter while documenting my encounter with the Henry Estate vender was natural using all hands-free gear.

The small Panasonic DMC-ZS3 still camera in video mode hung freely like a pendent at chest level.

Tthe audio recorded using headworn DSM-6S/EH + WHB/N stereo-surround mic and small audio flash deck.

Later in post edit the low quality camera audio was exchanged for the 24 Bit depth/48K samply rate high quality flash deck audio.

Peace March & Rally

Courthouse Steps, Roseburg Oregon USA

March 17, 2006 Third Anniversary of Iraq War

NOTE: This day was also a Friday, with the celebration of Saint Patrick's day starting its own celebration about the time the rally ended See Photo far below and hear a short clip of that celebration.


All Selections recorded with headworn WHB/N windscreened DSM-6S/H stereo mic + PA-24SP preamplifier into Microtrack 24/96 deck (TRS line setting "L" 24bit/88.2K rate).

Recordings edited using Adobe Audition software featues of clip restoration where needed, amplification/hard limiting of too soft/loud sections, and 'file type' converted to 16bit/44.1K wav, and finally encoded highest quality VBR MP3 for download.

Participants approach the Douglas County Courthouse steps.


'Percussionist For Peace' group perform original "Celebrate" using acoustic instruments with PA'd vocals.


A speaker starts up at the podium mic, but a person steals the power cord. Everyone moves closer on the steps; a distant trumpet plays 'taps' to the read poem.. DOWNLOAD 5.4MEG 5:28MIN MP3 File

Another speaker starts reading names of Oregonian casualties in Iraq, but a few 'biker' patriot anti-demonstrators add shouting content, and while 'invited' to participate, this leads to face-to-face confrontation.



As the participants packed up their gear from courthouse steps, this recordist continued the audio documentation process with full ambient background of downtown Roseburg and recorded a conversation with Penny Z of the 'Percussionists for Peace' music group, and friends.

Also walked over to catch part of the News Review interview with 'Mr. Patriot' who was the other half of the confrontation with Penny Z (pictured above left; NOTE: Confrontation photo courtesy 'The Infamous Ms T,' all others by recordist Leonard Lombardo, owner,



It's Saint Patrick's Day celebration in downtown Roseburg. After the Peace Rally, I find myself near the old train station (now a McMennimens Pub) where a large crowd of people mostly decked out in various shades of green and many with costumes are attending a courtyard fundraising auction or waiting to have dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant.

A quartet of musicians are acoustically playing, but mostly unheard by the boisterous crowd. The musicians are called to move near the street to participate in starting a special olympics fund raiser, a sort of 'walk/run-drink-athon!' to visit pubs in the downtown area. I'm my own designated driver and a light-weight, so I follow them to the intersection and then call it quits for the day.


I used a Sharp MD-MT 888H minidisc recorder with your DSM-1S/M with the WHB headband.

I simply placed the mikes flat on the table and pointing upward - they were slightly further away from me and towards the slightly quieter women contributors at the other end of the table.

The mikes were placed on an Acoustitile* from

Leonard comments...

"Clear quality of multiple speakers is exceptional.

Even though HRTF mic baffling was not used, the acoustic tile* base for the headband mic seems to have helped greatly in reducing table noise, and certain room reflections.

The recording sounds much better than expected without proper HRTF baffling.

The resulting recording contains very easy listening soft-imaged sound that is a form of 'folded surround stereo' on headphones and loudspeakers."

"There's a brief intro and then a radio discussion I moderated about the elections here in the UK.

More details on

and my website

It's interesting you can hear me introduce contributors in turn, therefore get a sense of how it sounds around a table full of people on all sides, in a normal central London kitchen."

Product Code: 401-292
110mm thick, 50cm x 50cm wide. Used where low frequency absorption is necessary. Mid and high frequency absorption is the same as for the Econotile.

Product Code: 401-071
Acoustitile's function is to greatly attenuate acoustic energy. Acoustitiles are produced in two thicknesses. The only performance difference is low frequency efficiency.

23 MEG 24 MIN .mp3 file also available for DOWNLOAD HERE





EWE drumming from Ghana

CD includes excellent 24 page photo booklet with detailed study of the music and tradition.

DOWNLOAD 3:53 MIN 5.7MEG Sample clips mixed from several of the 11 CD tracks.
--- 2004 CD! ----
"Rhythm of the Maasai"
"Music of the Maasai"
GET the CD from Hans Johnson

Enter into the world of East Africa's semi nomadic Maasai people. Explore the sights and sounds of a Maasai village. Learn about each aspect of an individual's life from birth until death in the CULTURE section. Listen to warriors singing brave tales of lion hunts and a mother calming a new born with a traditional lullaby in the MUSIC section. Take a closer look at the Maasai people in the IMAGES section. And to learn more about who we are, click on the ABOUT US link.

All Text, Images and Sound Clips Copyright Hans Johnson 2004.

DOWNLOAD 40 second, VBR MP3 (~1.0 MEG) sample

DOWNLOAD 2.6 Minute, VBR MP3 (~5 MEG) / 6 Clip Compilation from the CD's 15 selections

DOWNLOAD 7 Minute, VBR MP3 (~11 MEG) / 13 sample clip mixdown from the CD
Enta Supa!

Rhythm of the Maasai - Music of the Maasai people is available NOW on iTunes and! The album features 15 traditional and contemporary Maasai songs recorded in Kenya.

ALL proceeds are paid directly from the online retailers to the Maasai Community Connection (MCC), a non-profit that helps to ensure Maasai communities have access to education and health care. Translations of the songs will be available on MCC's website ( in short time.


=Hans "Lemayian" Johnson

Here are the direct links:

Maasai Community Connection -
Rhythm of the Maasai on iTunes -
Rhythm of the Maasai on Amazon -
Sonic Studios, maker of the stereo microphones used to record the album -




Bluegrass Festivals are traditionally two very different events in one. There's the daytime stage performances, afterwards is the evening campground open-to-all-musicians (ALL ages and ability) informal groupings celebrating the teaching, sharing, and uninhibited passion for playing Bluegrass into the early morning hours. BLUEGRASS of anyone's choosing is found wherever two or more musicians are facing each other under the stars, a tree, an awning, or standing in a large circle of a dozen+ musicians (including standup acoustic bass) barely fitting the circumference of a screen tent.

The recordings below are two channel DSM recorded surround stereo later converted to highest quality VBR MP3 files. This is a 'virtual reality' audio record of what it was like to be there listening to the music (and crickets) that July evening. Suggest listening on open (NOT isolating type closed) style headphones or regular 2-channel stereo, or 5.1+ surround sound speakers (with Dolby Pro Logic or DTS decoder ON;BUT no SRS or Circle audio effects processing please), Strongly suggest positioning stereo and surround speakers as suggested on the TIPS PAGE.

Portable recording equipment used to make these recordings is as follows: WHB/N windscreened DSM-6S/H model microphone on LiteGUY HRTF baffle mounted on a telescopic fishpole boom. PA-24NJ preamplifier gain at +34dB (+10dB panel setting) going line level into PCM-M1 DAT deck recording at 16bit/44.1K. Post edit mastering done with Adobe Audition software using a mix of normalization, dynamics processing, and hard limiting functions only, and only as needed to enhance the universal playback experience, and then encoded to highest quality VBR MP3.

DOWNLOAD Bluegrass Music Lesson 12:25MIN 19MEG ....... DOWNLOAD Bluegrass Music Lesson 2 2:50MIN 4.4MEG ......... DOWNLOAD Bluegrass Music Lesson 3 6:40MIN 10MEG ....... Musicians teach, learn, and play with several others in an informal camp-chair circle with crickets and an occasional dog bark in the background ambient. Sonic Studios LiteGUY HRTF Baffled 2-channel stereo microphone on fishpole positioned at various .5 to 2 meters distances from vocals and lead instruments.

DOWNLOAD Tent Circle Group 6 3:10MIN 4.6MEG ....... DOWNLOAD Tent Circle Group 7 3:37MIN 5.2MEG ........... DOWNLOAD Tent Circle Group 8 0:37MIN 0.9MEG ........... DOWNLOAD Tent Circle Group 9 4:09MIN 6.0MEG ........... Another gathering with over a dozen members is sharing songs while standing in a circle barely fitting inside a screen tent. Sonic Studios LiteGUY stereo microphone on fishpole positioned at ~ 1.5 meter height just OUTSIDE the musician's circle. While impossible to gracefully get even close to an optimum recording position (like somewhere inside the circle), when possible, the baffled stereo mic was positioned from outside inwards to within 1 meter distance from lead vocals/instruments. Even with the recording challenges, turned out (after edit) an excellent recording about having a great Bluegrass fun time.

DOWNLOAD "Pride of Man" A'capella 1:49MIN 2.8MEG ........... A separate group of musicians try a pure vocal rendition of this famous song. Although the trio was sporting a one-take-will-nail-it attitude, at 1 AM with nearly a half full bottle of Baccardi close by, this was a good try, but NO cigar. This standing-in-an-open-field recording is awaiting a second take. Even so, this is still an excellent example of a good sounding vocal harmony recorded using Baffled Omni DSM. The LiteGUY HRTF Mic was positioned within .5 meters with (vocalist requested after a brief sound check) ~25% off-center bias to balance the acoustic mix of the trio.

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