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The Following Patent is a Utility Patent of a New Method of Recording Full 3-Dimensional Ambient Stereo Sound. Includes the Microphone Apparatus suited for this purpose.  Those with commercial interest in producing similar Microphone apparatus for using this unique method of recording are welcome to inquire about receiving a copy of the Patent Claims and general Terms of Sub-Licensing Agreement.  

Licensing allows legal usage of Patented intellectual property for producing and/or marketing any desired style of microphones utilizing this very effective recording method.

WARNING/ADVISEMENT:  Any unlicensed commercial use of the method described & covered by the claims of the allowed patent to produce any style of microphone and/or import, and/or market for such purposes within the USA and its Territories, would necessarily constitute unlawful infringement and be pursued as such ...... to the full extent of the Provisions granted and demanded of all holders of US Patents by US Law and its Legally Binding Patent Office Provisions.

In Other Words,  Simply ........ Don't make a business of making/selling microphones intentionally for using this legally protected method of recording without 1st getting licensed permission or you'll eventually have to get Sued by my attorneys.... for infringing ... making both me and you sad (you much more sad than me) and the attorney(s) very, very glad ..... & very much more glad than we're sad !!!

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Method of Recording Full 3-Dimensional Ambient Stereo Sound.............


A stereo dimensional recording method and microphone apparatus which produces a quality stereo signal output that, when combined with any stereo audio recorder allows the recording professional and amateur enthusiast excellent stereo sound with depth dimension realism independent of sound stage distances when reproduced by both headphones and loudspeakers without the need for additional frequency or phase processing equipment/circuits.

Fig. 1 shows the basic Microphone Configurations.

Fig. 3 & 4 illustrates just one of many possible pickup & mounting designs.

Fig. 2 defines the Patented mic positional AREA for both sides of a person's or dummy head for any style of mic design.  Notice how the area of the ear itself is avoided AND how extensive the effective mic placement area.

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Fig. 8, 9 details just one type of mic pickup case design.

Fig. 10 shows a practical battery powered Mic Pre to Line Level 'Amp -in-cable' design for Studio & Field work with Line Level only input recorders.

Fig. 5, 6, 7 depict a few of the mounting options/pickup orientations.

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