"It is well known that the natural acceptance of stereo sound playback/recording technology for consumer products, I.E., records, tapes, movies, etc. and consumer recording use has brought a multiplicity of recording microphones that permit the professional recording engineer as well as the amateur recording enthusiasts to capture live stereo sound. Moreover, the physical/mental way that we process the sound we hear has brought many different approaches to the design of said pickup/systems."

"Stereo sound can also contain more complete signal information, as in the case of live field recordings, in the phase or timing arrival of sound at the pickups.  This said signal information, combined with the amplitude information aforementioned, gives a more convincing illusion of the sounds left/right position and depth (as opposed to two-dimensional flat source reproduction: when played back on headphones and loudspeakers.

In addition to the amplitude and timing components of stereo sound, it has been well known that additional sonic positioned information is contained in the frequency response contour effect that the ears (external projecting ear features) and the ear canal features produce.  These last features complete the realism of up/ down/ from/ back/ near/ far when recorded."

"Prior art furthered the refinement of technique and equipment by not only simulating the general shape of the head but also by simulating the ear flaps and inner canal as well, positioning the microphones inside the dummy head."

"It is the object of the present invention to provide a novel and superior stereo pickup apparatus free from the prior art drawbacks"

"This new technique is to be referred to as STEREO DIMENSIONAL RECORDING and the apparatus of the present invention is to be referred to as STEREO DIMENSIONAL MICROPHONE APPARATUS, which is personally-wearable or dummy-head mounted."

"Another object of this invention is to provide for acoustic response matching such that no further after-the-fact adjustments need to be performed by the user."

"Whereas binaural recording and apparatus are concerned with the inside of the ear flap area 52, ....   ....the present invention, is active in the areas forward and above the ear flap... and extends into the temple and general cheek area 50."

"The present invention's recording method gives a more generic sound signal, that is more easily recognized by all humans as realistic when reproduced by headphones and loudspeakers without any tonal prejudice as evident by prior art binaural recording method"

"This aforementioned positional versatility of the present invention apparatus is intended to encompass the user's need to adjust for most of the optimum stereo dimensional sound recording positions, and, also, to allow for a full variety of hair styles.

Furthermore, the position of the microphone pickup assembly 2 in the invention's stereo dimensional recording xyz planes' area 50 will affect both sonic recording efficiency, as well as, sonic depth signals in relationship to both the sound stage distance and sound stage width.  The invention allows for these adjustments and deems them a necessary and novel feature of the invention"

"The use of the recordist's head or dummy head 54 as desired, and not the ears 52, to shape the invention's sonic input gives the resultant recording the natural live tonal balance and sound depth and position necessary for realistic listening via both headphones and loudspeakers"

"It will be apparent that the above mentioned stereo dimensional recording method and microphone apparatus is not limited to to aforesaid embodiments, but a number of changes and variations can be effected without departing from the scope of this invention."

Please note:  The claims listing in the original (and publicly available) patent are not shown here .......... My filing patent attorney says this is customary .............. although this can easily be viewed by those desiring this additional content by looking into the official records through the Patent Office and its many branches ......... or.......... written request sent to Sonic Studios with a brief statement describing by whom and the reason for the need to view these claims outside of the Patent Office's free to-the-public resources.

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