Pleasure Point Breakwater Waves

Location: Pleasure Point (World Famous Surfing  spot within the Monterey Bay), Capitola - Santa Cruz, California USA

This recording took three previous attempts over a 6 year period to finally accomplish in Fall of 1991.  Located in Capitol near the apex of the huge Monterey Bay geography, Pleasure Point is a favorite with surfers and is World famous for excellent surfing conditions, as the name suggests.  The regular wave pattern, and the 4 distinct directions of these waves, makes for a very unique ocean wave rhythm.

Only the sounds of the waves are heard in this early mornging (3 AM) recording (almost no street traffic above) at the base of the sea wall, virtually no winds or coastal birds were present.  This sea wall is located near the West end of 41st Ave (Capitola, CA) and is about 10 Meters high. The curved concrete surface wall along the Monterey Bay coastline travels for about a 300 Meter stretch Northward from the recording positions.

The ocean waves ambient recording was done within 3-10 Meters distance of the incoming (crashing on very large boulder-sized rocks) waves. I was standing at just about at sea level and just far enough from the breaking waves to keep the ocean spray on the recording equipment minimized. 

Recorded by Leonard Lombardo, Owner ............. Sonic Studios

Recording Equipment:


Just to offer an opportunity to compare MP3 encoder performance, the same 3 files were MP3 encoded using (3) highest quality variations in Cool Edit Pro's Fraunhofer IIS plugin.

DOWNLOAD 2.8 Meg - 160-240kbps VBR* (w/ x10 faster HiQ codec) MP3 Pleasure Pt. Breakwater Waves (Location South of stairs) (Loop) 1:49 MIN
DOWNLOAD 2.6 Meg - 192kbps CBR* (w/ x10 faster HiQ codec) MP3 Pleasure Pt. Breakwater Waves (Loop) ...................1:49 MIN
DOWNLOAD 2.6 Meg - 192kbps CBR* (w/ Original HiQ very slow codec) MP3 Pleasure Pt. Breakwater Waves (Loop) ...................1:49 MIN
Next two files represent two recording positions / times / preamplifier gain / ocean wave sound within the same early morning 1991 session
DOWNLOAD 8.4 Meg - 192kbps CBR* (w/ fast HiQ codec) MP3 Pleasure Pt. Breakwater Waves (Location base of stairs) ...... 5.55 MIN
DOWNLOAD 31 Meg -160-240kbps VBR* (w/ fast HiQ codec) MP3 Pleasure Pt. Breakwater Waves (Location Sea level Rocks-South) 20.17 MIN
*Constant Bit MP3 Encoding Sample Rate (CBR) - - - - *Variable Bit MP3 Encoding Sample Rate (VBR)

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