St. James Cathedral Music Clips

(18 Meg  or 3.7 Meg......... 192 Kbps sampled Hi-Quality Stereo MPEG-1 Layer 3......... 12:46 or 2:37)  

An annual Cathedral music program including 5 different pipe organs, 3 large choral groups, and several orchestral groups with multiple instrumental + vocal soloists recreating ancient cathedral music inside one of the world's largest cathedral structures located in Seattle, WA USA.



  • Sony TCD-D100/M2 DAT deck
  • Sonic Studios DSM-6S/EH Headworn Stereo Mic

The ambient reverberations within St. James Cathedral's huge 4-sectioned (form of a Cross) interior were recorded by Terry King during the final performance on 2/21/98.

RECORDING POSITION was in the 'joining intersection area' of the 4 'hall' sections.  

The combined sound of organ, acoustic instruments, and vocals staged within the entire interior space are clearly heard and ......... are absolutely thrilling......... a truly religious sonic experience.... as these brief excepts will clearly illustrate.

DOWNLOAD St. James Cathedral Music Clips 18 Meg......... 12.46
DOWNLOAD St. James Cathedral Music Clips 3.7Meg......... 2.37


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