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by 'Taper Friendly' Band 'ZERO'


Recorded November 3, 1994 in Eugene, Oregon at the WOW hall at about 30 foot distance from the stage and 8 foot height ........a 350 capacity crowd of dancing ZERO fans were in full attendance.  This is a Rock music recording of uncommon stereo sound quality..... maybe slated by the band for commercial release someday.

Recording Equipment:

Selections are 'as-recorded' 192 Kbps 44.1K Stereo highest quality encoded MP3

DOWNLOAD 1zero.mp3 (42.5 MEG) "Opening Set" ..... 29:28 Minutes

DOWNLOAD 2tellme.mp3 (16.8 MEG) "Tell Me All About It" ..... 11:41 Minutes

DOWNLOAD 3zero.mp3 (22.8 MEG) "Straight Jacket " ..... 15:47 Minutes

DOWNLOAD 4shape.mp3 (7.84 MEG) "Shape I'm In " ..... 5:26 Minutes

DOWNLOAD 5zero.mp3 (18.5 MEG) "Zero Concert Music" ..... 12:50 Minutes

"GODZILLA" Original Blues Composition & Vocals by Martin Fierro

One of the Rarest of ZERO's performances........  as it's Martin (the Saxophonist) 1st debut stage performance in the lead vocalist roll  (Judge, the original lead singer was absent for a time).   "GODZILLA" is lyrically performed here to a traditional blues style, but with the humorous vocal treatment that only Martin can provide.  

DOWNLOAD 6godzila.mp3 (15.2 MEG) "Godzilla" ..... 10:32 Minutes

DOWNLOAD 7pits.mp3 (23.01 MEG) "Pits Of Thunder " ..... 15:58 Minutes

DOWNLOAD 8forevr.mp3 (13.8 MEG) "Forever Is Nowhere" ..... 9:34 Minutes

DOWNLOAD 9crazy.mp3 (11.2 MEG) "Crazy Bout-A-Mercury" ..... 7:46 Minutes

DOWNLOAD 10zero.mp3 (40.2 MEG) "Zero Concert Music" ..... 27:53 Minutes

DOWNLOAD 11zero.mp3 (21.1 MEG) "Zero Concert Music " ..... 14:37 Minutes

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